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IntroComp 2010 – Part 2

After playing the entries and jotting down some notes, I read the other reviews, and I think I don’t have much to add. For the sake of completeness, here are my thoughts on the remaining IntroComp 2010 games. In the meantime, I totally forgot about the awards ceremony on ifmud. Congratulations to the winners, and thanks again to the authors and the organiser Jacqueline!

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IntroComp 2010

As its name suggests, the idea of IntroComp is to write the beginning stages of a game, which will then be judged according to how much one would like to play more of that game.

First, let me say thanks to the IntroComp organiser Jacqueline A. Lott and to all the authors.

I enjoyed all of the intros (though to varying degrees), and I’d like to see each of them made into a full game (with certain caveats).

If you’d like to read other people’s opinions, too, then you can find a list of reviews on the comp’s IFWiki page.

So, here are my short, mostly non-spoilery notes, in alphabetical order by author’s first name:

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